Arcolution Homes

Prefab+Adu = SMART

We developed Arcolution Homes with a cadre of forward-thinking professionals in the housing industry who are passionately drawn to the idea of providing quality homes at a fraction of the price developers are currently charging to make conventional housing in Los Angeles.

But it's not just the millions of residents of Los Angeles that need safe, quality, affordable housing - everyone needs it!

This is a proposal whose time has come. 


prefab adu's, now that's the thing.

Why Accessory Dwelling Units?

Converting an existing garage or putting up a new granny flat in a homeowner's backyard is an important way we can provide much needed housing across the state, and indeed across the country, with minimal impact on existing neighborhoods and infrastructure. 

Providing infill density is a better way to develop additional housing units because it maintains the community fabric, as opposed to demolishing city blocks for mega-developments that cause disruptions and traffic, take years to complete, and cost cities lots of money.

With accessory dwelling units, homeowners realize an increase in property values and a new income stream; neighborhoods are preserved as ADUs are added here and there, one by one; and government interests are satisfied by increased housing stock.


Factory precision ensures a better crafted structure, far surpassing the quality and high cost of site-built homes. 

Prefab structures waste less materials and energy to construct, they are quicker to build, and require less site labor, providing cost savings to the homeowner.

The possibilities are exciting! Contact us to find out more.

500 s.f. Arcolution HOmes

Floor Plan 500 Arcolution Homes


One Bedroom, One Bathroom - with flexible living space that can convert to bedroom.

100% Electric Generating, All Electric Systems


Conforms to 2020 State Req't for Net Zero Energy

No Toxins, No VOC, Superior Building Envelope


Houses one person, a couple or small family.