Evolution in Architecture

Collaboration is Our Game.


As Architects, our main function is to interpret the needs, dreams and desires of our clients into clearly built form. Therefore, we work closely with each client in true collaboration, honing the plans and elevations until we have achieved the desired program and form. You bring the inspiration, and we'll bring spatial functionality, code compliance and a way to deal with gravity.  

Conscious Design


We have expertise in building systems and technologies that promote the construction of very efficient buildings.

We promote materials and finishes that are non-toxic and responsibly-sourced.

Healthy buildings require moving away from combustible gasses within the building envelope.  We promote fossil fuel-free 100% clean electric energy.

Arcolution Homes


Arcolution Homes is our signature brand of prefab production housing, our best proposal for Los Angeles and California! 

Each home generates and stores its own energy with an array of amenities as standard on every home and meets California's 2020 Net Zero Energy requirement for Residential Homes. 

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Arcolution is a Proud AIA Member Firm


Arcolution is proud a member of our architects' advocacy organization, the American Institute of Architects.  

"Few people realize how complicated it is to build - that is until they find themselves lost in the maze of design options, building codes, zoning laws, contractors, and so on. No two building projects are exactly alike, so there is no single, clear-cut path to follow." 

Aligned with Permacultural Practices

Ladybug on a leaf.

Permaculture is a creative design process based on whole-systems thinking informed by nature. By observing nature's cues, we build  better, with sensitivity to place and with attention to natural patterns over time.  

"Permaculture is an ecologically sound approach to providing for our needs, including our food, shelter and social structures. Is is based on co-operating with nature and caring for the Earth and its people." Patrick Whitefield

Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce

Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce logo.

The Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce is the unified voice and booster for Silver Lake's business community. 

Arcolution is a proud member of the Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce and we support the good work they do in the community! 

We're up for Silver Lake "BEST OF"... voting ends Sept 30, 2019!!!

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"to think, to dream, then to build"

We are on the grounds of a Certified Wildlife Habitat

"Certified Wildlife Habitat" Plaque
photo by Eve Reynolds

Do What You Can, Right Where You Are, With Everything You've Got!

Commit to providing habitat, water, food-bearing plants for birds and other wild animals and a sustainable maintenance plan to begin your own Certified Wildlife Habitat and support local wildlife! 

Visit National Wildlife Federation

Windsor House is our Laboratory

Image of house on hill atop steps with daisies in foreground.

Five years ago, the grounds were little more than pathways up a dirt hill between two houses.  

Now a Certified Wildlife Habitat and food forest, it supports and sustains the wildlife in this hillside area: skunks, raccoons, squirrels, birds, coyotes. 

Windsor House continues to evolve.  With a new stage on Plaza Level and built-in benches for gathering, it's become a destination for gatherings big and small!

Inki said, "Get to Know Yourself."

Photo of ants within hibiscus flower.
Photo by Eve Reynolds.

The Ballad of the Ant and the Flower: 

Every component of the built world is connected to every other part; we do not design or live in a vacuum. 


Every thing we do matters and each one of us is important.  We are all here together experiencing this incredibly fragile and fleeting thing called life! 

If life is but a dream, let's dream it big and beautiful together!

Monarch Butterfly Corridor

Caterpillar of the monarch butterfly on milkweed.
Photo by Eve Reynolds

Part of our mission is to make Windsor House a refuge for the Monarch Butterfly whose numbers are dwindling due to habitat loss. Let's turn that around.

We share milkweed seeds for free!

Windsor Plaza Presents!

Precious Metal, with Leslie Knauer on vocals.
Photo by Brenda Starlight.

Every quarter, Windsor Plaza Presents! produces "an intimate outdoor concert for good," partnering with a non-profit organization which is the beneficiary of the concert for that month. Find out more: 

Visit Windsor Plaza Presents!

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Photo of Eve Reynolds
Photo by Isabelle Oliver.

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We use carbonfund to offset our company's carbon footprint.

Reduce your product’s carbon footprint with Carbonfree® Certification

 1st Carbon Neutral Label in the United States

Customers are increasingly seeking to purchase products from companies  that are taking care of our environment. Climate change and carbon  reductions are major drivers of individual purchasing decisions and  important components of corporate responsibility programs.

The Carbonfree® Product Certification is a  meaningful, transparent way for you to provide  environmentally-friendly, carbon neutral products to your customers. By  determining a product’s carbon footprint, reducing it where possible  and offsetting remaining emissions through our third-party validated  carbon reduction projects, companies can:

  • Differentiate their brand and product
  • Increase sales and market share
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Strengthen corporate social responsibility & environmental goals

The Carbonfree® Certification Process

  • Perform a Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) or Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) to determine the carbon footprint of your product(s) using our Carbonfree® Product Certification Carbon Footprint Protocol and one of the leading LCA product methodologies.
  • Register and Certify your product as Carbonfree®
  • Offset the product’s carbon footprint quarterly, based on actual sales
  • Renew your product annually

The Carbonfree® Certification Process

  • Download the Carbonfree® Product Certification Protocol (click here)
  • Review the list of frequently asked questions (click here)
  • Search the listing of Certified Carbonfree® Products (click here)


Linda Kelly, Vice President of Partnerships, Carbonfund.org Foundation Phone: 240-247-0630 x 633 Email:  lkelly@carbonfund.org   

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The construction industry as a whole has a significant role in global  warming due to mining, deforestation, and pollution by industry of air,  land and sea. 

The most significant impact we can have as a small architecture firm to effect this outcome is to change the way we do  business. 

We do that by off-setting the company’s carbon footprint via CarbonFund and educate our clientele to make the best choices going  forward into our common fossil-free energy future.